A Guide For The Traveler: SEATTLE!!!


Situated in America’s northwest state of Washington, this is the place that gave the world Starbucks Coffee, Boeing Aircraft, and Microsoft Computer Software.

Often called the ‘Gateway to the Orient’ or the ‘Gateway to Alaska’, Seattle’s geographic location has helped the city prosper as a trade and transportation center. because of the Panama Canal, it also ships huge quantities of goods to parts along the Gulf of Mexico and around the Atlantic Ocean.

The combination of a prosperous community, in a beautiful setting, with many attractions, makes Seattle an ideal destination for the traveler.

and here are some of the places you don’t want to miss when you visit Seattle… (based on my experience of living there for a year, but again.. I didn’t even get a chance to go to all places in Seattle, so I made the list of the places I’ve once been)

1. SPACE NEEDLE : the most prominent building on the Seattle skyline. Completed in 1961, it was the signature structure of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Known as the Century 21 Exposition, the fair’s main theme was the promise of the future, including humanity’s destiny in space. Today, the needle stands as a reminder of the fair and remains as one of the most popular attractions in the city. We can enjoy the fancy restaurant up in the skyline, and visit the Seattle Store down below the needle.


Source: Anthony J. Wright

2. PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER: located a short distance from the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center is one of Seattle’s landmark attractions. In striving to makes science fun and interesting, the center offers IMAX and laser theaters, a wide variety of exhibits – of which more than two hundred are interactive – and a diverse range of public programs.


3. WATERFRONT: both tourists and locals can enjoy so many attractions here. Eat and shop in the converted warehouses and other old port facilities, bask in the sun by the water’s edge, pass their leisure hours in dockside cafes, watch boats sail by, or take in such local attractions as the Aquarium.


4. PIKE PLACE OR PUBLIC MARKET CENTER: a visit to the Pike Place Market presents a splendid introductions to the wide range of foodstuffs produced in Washington (along with an opportunity to buy the best that the rest of the world has to offer).


5. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON: Seattle’s largest post-secondary institution. The university occupies 640 pretty acres overlooking lakes Washington  and Union, and offers some fine views of Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountain Range. A visit to the university is particularly recommended during spring blossom time.


6. MUSEUM OF FLIGHT AND BOEING INDUSTRIES: presents a terrific collection of aircraft and aviation nostalgia. it is the largest such institution on the west coast, and explores the history of flight from its earliest days to the space age.


7. MICROSOFT MUSEUM: tells the company’s story through both traditional exhibits and, naturally, with some quite dynamic interactive computer technology.


8. of course…. THE VERY FIRST STARBUCKS COFFEE SHOP EVER IN THE WORLD! which is located near Pike Place Market.


those are all very interesting places . of course there are many more you can explore in beautiful Seattle. don’t forget that this city is in the same state as Forks, the main city in Twilight Saga, so the weather and the atmosphere is pretty much the same.

Enjoy Seattle!





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