Disfrutar Barcelona for The Gastronomy Lovers


A whole new gastronomic experience I might say… nothing I have had before could be compared to the experience I got when I visited Disfrutar Barcelona for the first time. It is a restaurant with the modern and Mediterranean cuisine, with the focus on giving the people the chance to try as many taste as possible. I could not tell each dish one by one because I was too focused on enjoying everything, but I like the concept of the restaurant. They have very good service.
When you first enter the restaurant, you will see the bar and their modern kitchen so you can even watch the cooking process. and then you will enter a cozy room where you will enjoy your foods. There will be welcome cocktails and snacks, and you can choose a variety of wine or champagne as well.
Each dish will be served with the explanation in different types of language as you prefer. as for me, I chose English and my boyfriend chose Catalan, so the explanation was given twice, once in each preferred language. the explanation includes what its name, what it is made of, and what is the best way to enjoy it. You can take more than 2 hours to enjoy every food from the starter until the desserts in this restaurant.
all the dishes are very creative and original. There were real rose petals and we were supposed to drink the water on it, there were also real flowers and we were supposed to drink the juice inside it, not to mention the delicious paprika-shaped chocolate. and dont worry if you have allergy of something or you just simply cant eat something or you dont like something, you should let them know so you will get other types of dishes.
Overall, I think this is a must-visit restaurant if you have the chance to visit Barcelona, this restaurant has also got excellent reviews on tripadvisor and any other rating services so dont forget to book your visit via phone or online.

c/Villarroel, 163

Barcelona 08036

phone: +34 933486896

Bon profit!



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born and raised in the summer haze... a bookworm, an art lover, a dance enthusiast, a deep thinker, and a passionate writer... for any queries, you can contact me directly to dindadwitapuspasari@gmail.com
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