Birthday Celebration Number 3: Converting to Islam, Malaysia, and Bird Park!

Obviously the celebrations from my boyfriend are endless, it keeps continuing (not that I complain hahaha).

For the third celebration, we did a lot of things together.

First, my boyfriend is converting to Islam. It is so far the best present he could ever give me. He was a Roman Catholic, and though he was never a religious person, I knew he cared about religion. That is why, him wanting to convert to my religion so that we can have the future together means a lot to me.

We went to The Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore together. There, we joined an introduction class about Islam. He still has 10 more beginner courses about the Pillars of Faith, the Pillars of Islam, and the Prayer. After that, he will do the ritual of converting. I am so happy, especially because Ramadan (the Fasting month) is coming, I thought there is no better time to introduce him about Islam. Please keep us in your thought and prayer so that everything will go smoothly 🙂

For those who want to know more about the beginner course about Islam in Singapore, you can check out this website:


Second, right after the Islamic course ended, we took a journey crossing the border of Malaysia to go to Johor Bahru, for the sake of watching Indonesian movie that did not come out in Singapore. Crazy, right? To my defense, though, this movie is legendary. The first part of the movie came out 14 years ago, when I was still a kid. That movie became a trend for teenagers’ love in Indonesia. The director and producer finally decided to make a sequel to that movie, which is pretty similar with the case of “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset”, and “Before Midnight”. The movie’s title is “Ada Apa dengan Cinta?” which literally translated to “What’s Up with Love?” We were so lucky because in Malaysia, that movie has English subtitle so my boyfriend can understand the storyline.


Third, for the following day, my boyfriend gave me a present of the tickets to go to Jurong Bird Park. It was so amazing to see different types of bird in a lot of interesting exhibitions and shows. They named the exhibitions uniquely, such as Wings of Asia, Dinosaur Descendants, Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary, Lory Loft, Parrots Paradise, Swan Lake, Penguin Coast, World of Darkness, etc. They also have Waterfall Aviary, which is the largest interpretation of a pristine slice of the tropical rainforest in the world with 13-stories high and 2 hectares wide. We watched two amazing shows, The High Flyers Show and The Kings of The Skies Show. We also had special buffet lunch with parrots.

Don’t tell my boyfriend, but I think birds are pretty cool, aren’t they? :p




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