Happy Birthday, Love!

After 5 blogposts of my birthday celebration, I think it would only be fair if I dedicate one blogpost for my boyfriend’s birthday 😉

Please do not expect that the celebration I gave him would be grande, the way he gave me for my birthday, because it would not be and it already made me feel bad enough. But after all that he gave me, I was running out of ideas how to make his birthday memorable. The least I can do is by giving him all my love, attention, and affection.

It was his first birthday we celebrated together in person, his first birthday of the many more to come where I can say “Happy Birthday, Love!” while hugging him and torturing him with kisses, his first birthday where I will be there next to him holding his hands while he was making his wishes. That was a special and magical moment for me, which I hope will also feel the same for him.

He has an amazing family who will always support him, and his family helped me in planning out a birthday surprise. So his family contacted a Catalan/Spanish restaurant by a famous chef from Barcelona in Singapore to make a reservation. They also already chose the menu, based on my boyfriend’s favorite foods from his hometown. The idea was to make him feel like he was at home even though he was thousand miles away from Barcelona.

At the restaurant, I gave him a box for his present. When he opened the box, he saw 40 small cards, arranged in 4 rows to differentiate 4 kinds of card, each kind consists of 10 cards. It was the “voucher” card. I gave him 4 kinds of service voucher, one of them is the free massage service because I know how much he loves getting a back massage!! hahaha. The other thing inside the box is the greeting card, in which consists of different tickets to some attractions around Singapore, most of them will involve the animals, his most favorite thing in this whole world.

And last but not least, I sent him a small present right to his office desk. It’s a couple wooden doll representing our love. That wooden doll is now standing proudly on his office desk.

I was fully blessed to be able to give this lovely young man the things he loves for his birthday.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Love!


The birthday boy with his cake 🙂


special menu at FOC by Nandu Jubany


birthday presents!


FOC by Nandu Jubany is a great Catalan/Spanish restaurant in Singapore. It has several locations, but we went to the one in Hong Kong Street!


to order something like this, you can follow them on instagram: @cloneey



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