Wonderful Indonesia: Yogyakarta Trip!



Hi all!

I am going to make a series of blogpost about Wonderful Indonesia, as I am now going to travel to some beautiful places in this country, and mostly this trip will only take weekend time! So it can be your ideas to travel smart and cheap 🙂

First stop: Yogyakarta!

Why Yogyakarta? Because this amazing hidden gem of Indonesia holds a very special meaning for me and my boyfriend. We first started getting together in this city, and this is also where I learned for the first time that we were falling in love with each other 😉 So we took a weekend trip to celebrate our 2 years anniversary in the place where it all started.

And here is our itinerary during the trip:


Day 1

We had to wake up at 2 am to get ready and leave for our flight at 5 am. We would be landing in Yogyakarta around 7 am.

After settling for some time we decided that booking a car with a driver for the day would be the best way to optimize our time in Yogyakarta, so we did. We went for breakfast and walked around the street and by 11 am the driver had come and we could leave.

Our first day was all about beach, we drove all the way to Kukup Beach and Sadranan Beach, the southern beaches as the locals call it. We spent quite some time in the first one, taking pictures, walking around and doing some shopping. The beach had very cheap shell crafts, which my boyfriend loved, so we bought several for his family. The first and second beach were fairly similar and since we were running short on time we decided to move on and go to visit the sand dunes next to another beach. We stayed until past sunset. In the sand dunes, there were several swings as the most favorite spot for tourists to take pictures, and there was also rental for skateboard. For us, we just enjoyed the beautiful view of the sunset. 

At night when we came back into the city we had plenty of time to visit Alun-Alun, where there are car shaped bicycles decorated with all sorts of lighting cables and that you can ride around. There were also the Twin Trees, which people say that if you close you eyes and walk straight through them it will bring you good luck and you will be able to make any wishes. We both tried once and we failed, but on the second time my boyfriend managed to cross, but I still didn’t. So I guess my boyfriend’s wish will be the one to come true 🙂

Day 2

In the morning we had agreed to rent the same car with the driver again and we decided to visit some majestic caves outside the city, Jomblang cave. Little did we know that this cave is popular for being the site of one challenge from The Amazing Race TV Show. The ride to the cave was long and we had to leave at 7 am because the driver told us that only 1 group a day of 25 people max were allowed to visit the cave.

The tour into the cave consisted of basically descending by a cable deep into the cave through a vertical sinkhole of about 60 meters. The descent was made by them, pulling you down on the rope. My boyfriend and I went down together and it was very intense. I was screaming most of the way.

Once down at the cave, the ground was a full grown rainforest, extremely humid as well as beautiful. We then walked through what would be the second part of the cave, a long corridor which became pitch black in the center and into the second main sinkhole. This one was a majestic image of sunlight pouring into the cave through the vegetation above and with the views of a river running underneath where we were. The views were breathtaking at the very least.

And to go back there was no other way than where we had come from, the same line that dropped us down was going to pull us up. I had my concerns on how the mechanism would work since I had not seen any machine on the top. But then I realized, once at the top we saw a dozen men pulling the rope with every pair of tourists. This is the way it work in Indonesia and this is certainly helping local communities.

Back with our driver we still had time before leaving Yogyakarta, so after a short lunch break he took us back into the city to see the Ratu Boko temple. Our visit was shortened by the rain but we had the chance to rest and have dinner with views to the city.

And finally, since we still had some time before catching our night train back to Jakarta, we asked our driver to take us to Malioboro street to walk around and do some shopping.

This is the video we made about that trip, enjoy it and we hope it can inspire people to visit Yogyakarta!



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