Wonderful Indonesia: Hidden Paradise of Belitung!


Belitung, the island in the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia is our cheapest favorite weekend getaway ever. It is my pleasure to share this experience with all of you cause this island is literally a hidden paradise. Me and my boyfriend also already made the video of the trip that you can see at the end of this blogpost.

We had been looking for several traveling options at the cheapest price and we found Citilink was having a discount for their flight tickets and Belitung was  below IDR 500.000 round trip per person!!! It is supeer cheap for being direct flight from Jakarta and the flight is only 1 hour. Good news for all of you from other countries, Tanjung Pandan Airport of Belitung is now open for international flights 🙂 


Day 1

We had to wake up at 3am to get ready and leave for our flight at 6am. We would be landing in Belitung  around 7am.

We took a cab from the airport in Tanjung Pandan (the capital of Belitung) to our hotel, Pelangi Lake Resort, which is on walking range to one of the most popular beach of the island. For this trip, we planned to just stay in the west side of the island, because we have heard that the beaches are nicest on that side. The taxi ride from the airport cost us IDR 250.000 but the hotel charged us IDR 200.000 for the taxi ride to the airport on the last day to return. The hotel that we stayed in was nice but we happened to come across another hotel which was even more amazing, right in front of an amazing beach, and we could see the sunset right in front of the room, this amazing hotel is called Bukit Berahu Cottage. The price was almost the same as our hotel which was around IDR 300.000 – IDR 400.000 (we didn’t find it online at the first time because we booked through Agoda and this one was not there, it was on Traveloka though).

We arrived to our hotel and had breakfast before renting a motorbike for the day. The roads were really good and it was fast to go anywhere. Our first stop was in Tanjung Tinggi, the beach right next to the hotel. This is one of the most famous beaches in Belitung all surrounded by massive clean rocks. There were several local tourists but we went a little bit away from the big main beach and had a small secluded beach all for ourselves, all surrounded by the typical rocks in Belitung. Families came there for a picnic on the beach.

Afterwards we headed towards Tanjung Kelayang as it was the next popular beach, but this was where all the boats came to and not so nice of a beach so we just had lunch there, an amazing fish and prawn barbecued.

That was a very late lunch and after that we went to the last beach of the day where we would wait to see the sunset. It was called Bukit Berahu or Pantai Berahu. That is where we found the hotel, Bukit Berahu Cottages, that we felt were really amazing to spend the night and see the sunset.


Day 2

We woke up relatively early to have breakfast and head directly to the harbour, in Tanjung Kelayang,  where we had booked from the hotel a full day boat ride. This is the typical tour you need to take to see all the best spots in West Belitung. The good part of it is that we had the full boat for ourselves for only 450.000 + 80.000 for the snorkeling equipments.

The first stop was a small rocky formation in the middle of the sea. This cannot be called an island as there was literally no land, only a very shallow sandy bottom and several massive rocks that you could climb up. Then there was one island that the government was trying to protect so we could only see from far a distance.

Then we headed towards Pulau Lengkuas. This is probably the most famous site in Belitung with the sea light on top of the island. We took our time to walk around the island, more of the beautiful rocks were scattered around the island and then we climbed up the sea light, quite a climb. From the top you could see the amazing colors the sea was taking, the turquoise blues contrasting with the dark blues.

Before leaving the island we took our time to rest on a beach behind the sea light, and not in the front, where again we were completely alone. And we would have been for even longer if we had decided to stay longer.  But we left towards the next stop, the island right in front, for some snorkeling. When we stopped the boat plenty of tropical colorful fish started coming at us and we could see as well huge colorful coral just roughly 2 meters deep.

The last island for the day was a small island where we ventured ourselves inland a little bit to find a set of caves created but full rocks piled one on top of the other.


And that was the end of the highlights of an amazing weekend getaway.

Hope this inspires you to visit Belitung 🙂


About Dinda Dwita Puspasari

born and raised in the summer haze... a bookworm, an art lover, a dance enthusiast, a deep thinker, and a passionate writer... for any queries, you can contact me directly to dindadwitapuspasari@gmail.com
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