What to Write in My Next Post?


Hey all!!!!!

I realize I haven’t been active in writing posts lately. Thank you so much for your endless support to my previous posts, so I will try to push myself to write something more regularly.

At the moment, I’m actually very busy juggling among my job as a PR consultant, preparing my own business that will very soon be launched (yeay!), co-writing my second book (the first one is out already! Go get them in Gramedia Bookstores all around Indonesia guys. The title is: “Soul Travellers: Turning Miles Into Memories”), and also preparing my wedding in 2018 (I will have two wedding celebrations, one in Indonesia and one in Barcelona). So…yeaaahhh, I might not have too much time lately.

But still I really want to start sharing again through this blog, so I want to ask for your opinion on what should I write next. I saw a big response to my post on scholarship to USA, should I write more on that? Maybe about my journey going to American public school? Or about living in Seattle, USA? Or even about my host family?

I also still have stories to tell about my engagement, some of my trips, and even about my first book.

Sooo… if you have any requests on what should I write, please comment below and I will try to accommodate each and every request you give me.

Have a nice day!

With love,





About Dinda Dwita Puspasari

born and raised in the summer haze... a bookworm, an art lover, a dance enthusiast, a deep thinker, and a passionate writer... for any queries, you can contact me directly to dindadwitapuspasari@gmail.com
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2 Responses to What to Write in My Next Post?

  1. xkalistaputri says:

    hello kak! Those are great ideas to write in your next blog posts, plus what kind of organisation and activities you got yourself into when you first applied to your scholarship in singapore? How was life there? Thank you so much!


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