The Day I Got Engaged: It was Truly Like What I Have Always Dreamed of


Dear friends and families,

I would like to give you a very happy news, I am getting married in 2018 🙂 I have been engaged with Marc since April 2017. In this post, I would like to share the story of how he proposed to me. I don’t want to brag about my relationship, because I know it is far from perfection. But this journey has taught me that we don’t need everything to be perfect to actually be happy. We have ups and downs, we have been on the edge of breaking up, and we fight… a lot! And it will continue to be like that, because I realize the moment I said “yes” to his proposal, it means I said “yes” to take him as my “lifelong problem” hahaha.

I still remember everything crystal clear in my head, and I would like to remember every details of it for the rest of my life. That is why I am writing it in this post.

23 April 2017. It was on a Sunday, and a perfect time to have a getaway for several reasons. First, we were having a long weekend because that next Monday was a public holiday. Second, it was my birthday weekend (my birthday is 26 April, which in this year fell on a Wednesday). Third, it was St. Jordi’s day (the love day for Catalans, similar to Valentine’s day for other cultures). So in fact, we had planned together the getaway to an eco resort in Bogor, not too far away from Jakarta. I had deliberately chosen the resort because it has great nature view, very spacious room with amazing outdoor bathtub, and infamous delicious restaurants.

I had no idea whatsoever about the proposal. I mean, we have talked about getting engaged since end of 2016, but I thought it was gonna be on Valentine’s Day. When it did not happen then, I thought it would not happen ever, or at least not until end of 2017. But Marc had been acting weird for the past week, like he came home very late and told me he was very busy. Don’t get me wrong, he is always busy, but usually he will get everything done on time so he can come home soon. And I had busted him texting a girl I did not know, I mean he has a lot of girl friends of course but usually he will introduce them to me. Clearly not this one, but I still tried to be positive.

When we got to the resort, we were very happy because it was exactly like we have thought. They have long nature walk and we immediately went there to look around. There, we saw my biggest enemy but Marc’s eternal love: monitor lizard! A giant one! Of course I freaked out. I was running trying to find the shelter hahahaha. The monitor lizard finally disappeared, but I knew they will come back. So I stayed where I was, faaaarrrrr away from where I should have stood according to Marc’s scenario. So he was like, “Can you please come here? I need to talk to you.”

“No!” I said immediately. “Just say it from there, I can hear you.”

He was still trying to convince me but I kept putting him down. He finally gave up. So he came towards me, and said, “Okay then I will say it right here.”

Then almost suddenly, he dropped to his knee and kneeled in front of me. I was surprised, but I thought it was just one of his jokes, I still did not expect anything. And then he pulled out a rose. My heart melted instantly, but I still did not realize he was proposing to me, because again… rose is something very common to be given on St. Jordi’s day. Until he actually opened the rose and showed me what’s inside: THE RING!

I really could not believe what I saw, and that’s when he popped the question, “Would you marry me?”

He teared up waiting for my response, and I also could not hold my tears.

“Yes, of course yes!” I answered, crying my heart out.

He then put the ring into my finger and hugged me.

I, Dinda Dwita Puspasari, am officially Marc Mallolas Castro’s fiancee now.

We will be having two weddings, one in Palembang (my hometown), and another one in Barcelona (Marc’s hometown). We have set the date, and I am going to give you all an update soon 🙂




About Dinda Dwita Puspasari

born and raised in the summer haze... a bookworm, an art lover, a dance enthusiast, a deep thinker, and a passionate writer... for any queries, you can contact me directly to
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