About This Blog


This blog, just like its name, is divided into 3 sections: Love, Life, and Adventure.

Love will be mainly about my love experiences or my opinions towards certain issues in relationships. Sometimes it will not be about me, but I have learned a lot of lessons this past year  that in writing, I need to put my emotions in the eye of the characters in the story. I am so excited to experiment about these characters!

Life…as hard as it can be, is mainly based on my understanding of the things I discover in my journey as I am becoming a grown-up woman. There are things I wish I had never found out, but turned out to be very necessary to be understood. I love to share my stories about this!

Adventure is probably the most fun you will see in this blog. It is about places I have been to and memories I have made. It is about the world we live in and how beautiful it is.

Overall, I would like to say that this blog represents myself. I am romantic and deep, and I love to talk about it. But I can also be fun, and lively, and I embrace the things that life offers me.

Find them all in the ‘Blogposts’ section, or ‘Recent Posts’, or look for it in the categories you want to see: Love, Life, or Adventure.



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